Today’s video is a 10-minute dumbbell workout – the very first one on my channel! We’re going to start with the arms and work through to the glutes and down the legs for toned thighs and calves!

If you don’t have dumbbells, you can always use weights, and if you don’t have weights, you can use water bottles filled with sand/pebbles!

Here are the exercise moves you can expect in this week’s video:

  • ROWS

Make sure to complete a warmup before doing this routine – it’s really important to prepare your muscles for exercise, especially moves that include weights, as this will help to prevent injury and give you a better outcome!

Reaching goals and shedding extra weight requires 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. Diet is the most critical component of a healthy body, and quick-fix fads are not the solution! I am passionate about providing you with an education that will revolutionize how you think and feel about fitness: my Nutrition Plans have transformed people’s figures & lives! Personal coaching and meal planning will get you closer to your ideal self every day!


Want to know how to mix up your physical activity and optimize your fitness routine? 30 Day Get Fit is the ultimate guide for getting you moving in a positive direction with your workouts and food program! Fun exercise playlists will keep you motivated all month long, and nutritious recipes (like this “skinny” french toast) are going to help you stick to your diet plan. Make sure to print out the workout calendar so you can track your progress!



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